Plan your dream wedding with Us

Events and Weddings

You can plan your dream wedding with Us. Not only wedding, we provide whole setup for any kind of events such as BIRTHDAYS, RECEPTION, BABY SHOWER, ANNIVERSARY, OFFICIAL EVENTS, SOCIAL EVENTS, etc or any event you want to organize. Contact and find one stop solution for venue, food, celebration halls and many more.

Rani Hall

Ground floor Block ‘C’

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Lumbini Hall

First-floor block ‘C’

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Sishmahal Hall

First floor Block ‘B’

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Kailash Hall

Block ‘B’ 2nd floor

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Umanga Hall

Block ‘B’ 4th floor

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Maitri Hall

Block ‘B’ 5th floor

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Everest Hall

3rd floor Block ‘B’

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