How Covid-19 affect the Hotel Business

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Being in any Business either it is service, manufacturing, production or Hospitality we all have some prediction about future issues handling, to adapt the change, to adapt the dynamic environment, to compete for our rivals .

But who knows some things which happened and impact our business is beyond our prediction. We never imagine that we will go through this pandemic which affects and crash the entire economy. We wait in a hope that things get better in few days then after weeks and months but it takes a whole year and still we are dealing with it. Talking about Covid-19 Pandemic which accidentally comes into our life and business just as a Worse Surprise ever. Many businesses survive somehow, many shut down many are still recovering to their Break-even point. This covid-19 makes many employees jobless and survival so hard. This pandemic affects many Business like Hospitality service which is affected more. Due to which many employees become jobless as there is no business.

Business owners are not able to pay their rent, pay their staff so many fired their employees many paying halves. Hospitality sector like a hotel is the places where the movement of people are most which is stopped as covid-19 started to increase and the Hospitality business is likely to start slow downing. Covid-19 Let everyone accept the abnormal as normal were meeting people, gathering, partying, events, shopping, movement of people accidentally stop due to increasing pandemic and let many businesses suffer losses as no one is prepared for the pandemic losses and consequences. Because it comes to protecting ourselves from the pandemic than the business in which many hotel businesses failed to sustain and adapt to the drastic change in the business operation and turnover. .

Although the covid-19 is still with us but not as before due to which the movement of people started slowly as before but not totally. But the business like hospitality and hotel are still shut down, they are not open, the ones open are still not getting a single business. They are suffering losses than they could bear. Even one of the Five-star hotels like Annapurna Hotel which is the iconic hotel at Durbarmarg closes its doors indefinitely due to covid it fails to pay the staff expenses of more than 300. Similarly, Hotels like Annapurna and other small hotel too shut down and facing the pandemic very badly like Annapurna hotel and it finally closed their doors. This is how due to covid every sector along with hospitality and hotels affected more.