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Many options to have a perfect weekend in Kathmandu or around Kathmandu Valley. You can have a memorable get away from your busy schedule with your family or friends. Since Kathmandu is the city of temples it is quite suitable to visit any archeological or religious temples as well. Also, If you want to have one day of fun then there are many fun parks and water pool parks. Likewise, let’s see what are the other options for a family to spend their time together during weekends.


Hike is one of the interesting options to enjoy with your family or friends. There are so many one-day hike destinations around Kathmandu Valley. Mostly, three to five hours of Hike is considered refreshing and you can enjoy the day without getting much tired. Let’s see what option we have for a short and long hike in Kathmandu.

  1. Champadevi Hike (5-6 hour hike commencing from Pharping and ending in Kirtipur)
  2. Shivapuri Hike (3-4 hour if you just visit Bishnudwar and 6-7 hour if you reach the peak of Shivapuri)
  3. Nagarjuna Hike( About 2 and half hours)
  4. Nagarkot to Dhulikhel Hike ( Around 5 Hours)
  5. Pulchwoki Hike (4 hours)
  6. Marble Dada (20-25 minutes)
Champadevi Hike
Shivapuri Hike
Nagarjuna Hike
Nagarkot - Dhulikhel
Pulchwoki Hike
Marble Dada

Day Tours

Also, there are many durbar squares and world heritage sites for a day tour. Since these sites are the most popular tourist destinations you can get many restaurants and junctions to eat the delicious dishes and enjoy the whole day easily. Also, there are many destinations where you can stay for the night as well. Following are the most liked destinations by international guests:

  1. Kathmandu Durbar Square
  2. Bhaktapur Sightseeing
  3. Chandragiri Cable Car Tour
  4. Patan Durbar Square
  5. Kirtipur
  6. Pashupatinath and Boudha Stupa etc.
Kathmandu Durbar
Bhaktapur Sightseeing
Chandragiri Cable Car
Patan Durbar Square
Boudha Stupa

Fun Activities

If you have small kids then you can visit fun parks and water parks for whole day fun. There are many other exciting places other than fun parks as well. Some of them are

  1. Kathmandu Fun Park
  2. Whoopee Land Amusement and Water Park
  3. Kathmandu Fun Valley
  4. Art in Paradise Nepal
  5. Mirror Maze
  6. Jump KTM(Trampoline Park)
  7. Movie halls etc
Kathmandu Fun Park
Whoopee Land
Art in Paradise Nepal
Movie halls
Mirror Maze
Jump KTM

Picnic Spots

Good Food, Good Music, Amazing Spot, and your Family / Friends. We can get too many beautiful destinations for picnics and day out. You can get parks, resorts, gardens as a spot for a day or two relaxations. And on a bright sunny day picnics can add memories. Popular spots are:

  1. Kakani
  2. Godawari
  3. Tribhuvan Park
  4. Balaju Park
  5. Dhulikhel
  6. Kulekhani
  7. Daman
  8. Dakshinkali
  9. Hotel Mystic Mountain
  10. Dhulikhel Mountain Resort
  11. Gokarna Forest Resort
  12. Park Village Resort etc..
Tribhuvan Park
Balaju Park
Hotel Mystic Mountain
Dhulikhel Resort
Gokarna Forest Resort
Park Village Resort


From Flea markets to Shopping centers, you can get any possible goods in Kathmandu Valley. The streets of Asan, Thamel are full of shops that sell clothes, shoes, groceries, home appliances, etc. Some of the places where you can enjoy your shopping are:

  1. Asan
  2. Thamel
  3. Kathmandu Mall
  4. Civil Mall
  5. City center
  6. Boulevard of Durbarmarg
  7. Labim Mall etc…
Kathmandu Mall
Civil Mall
City center
Labim Mall

There are several other destinations that can be added to the above lists. You will not get bored in Kathmandu Valley since there are many things to explore.