Kathmandu is famous for the temple city and other ancient places and monuments and other world heritage sites where people tend to visit more often. But there are some places beyond all these overrated places which are not known and familiar to the visitors. There are few underrated places which everyone should visit and these places are awesome inspite of being unnoticed and underrated.

The Toothache Tree

Nailing a coin to the holy stump is just another way to ask for gods for relief from dental pain.

The GNARLED HUNK OF WOOD known as Vaisha Dev, or the Toothache Tree, sites at an unassuming Chowk thahiti tole, but visitors could be forgiven for not realizing that it is a tree stump since locals making an offering to the god of sore teeth have covered it in nailed on coins.

Said to be a cutting from a legendary tree known as Bangemudha, the chunk of wood that has been put in place smack in the heart of Kathmandu’s dental district, which is home to a concentration of orthodontics offices, acts as a sort of wishing well. People with toothaches or other dental ailments visit the site and nail coin to the tree as an offering Vaishya Dev, the Newar god of the toothache.

Taragaon Museum

Conjured images of towering pagoda-style temples and narrow streets choked with exotic, medieval-era architecture. But after the city was opened to foreigners in the 1950s, Kathmandu’s landscape began to change. The taragaon Museum not only chronicles the city’s architectural transformation but also embodies it.

Originally, built as a hostel for visiting artist and scientists, the taragaun grew into a well-known hotel that was later abandoned in the 1990s. The property was rescued by hotelier and philanthropist Arun Saraf, who also owns the adjacent Hyatt hotel, and was revived to honor kathmandu’s architectural history.

Inside, the museum is bedecked with photos, drawings, and sketches of Nepal’s architectural bounty. Two of the oldest items on display are an 1853 etching and an 1863 photograph of Kathmandu. These are complemented by colorful topographic maps and paintings as well as modern sculptures by Nepali artists.

Most Common Places

Meanwhile, Do you have an idea about the most common and popular places in Kathmandu?

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Ranibari Community Forest

Long-time residents of the Kathmandu valley often lament the concrete jungle their city has become, but one green hillock in the shadow of the Himalayan foothills has been preserved. Once the site of religious retreats for Nepal’s kings, the Ranibari Community forest is now an oasis of nature with footpaths that explore 17 acres of densely forested parkland. The forest is most notable for the abundance of birds that make it their home, with more than 67 species regularly spotted here.

Nepali Folk Musical Instrument Museum

Nepal more than 100 distinct ethnic groups have produced over 1300 different designs of musical instruments, a fact that struck a chord with Ram Prasad kharel who began collecting Nepali Instruments in 1995. Today, he showcases a significant portion of his impressive collection of some 650 instruments in a museum he opened in 2002.
The museum is housed in the Tripureshwor Mahadev Temple complex, a towering cultural landmark. Located near the banks of the Bagmati river, it was built in 1818 by the impressively talented queen Tripurasundari in memory of her deceased husband, king Rana Bahadur Shah.

Nyalon (Fish Stone)

On the way from Thamel, the main tourist district in Kathmandu, to historic Durbar Square, one will pass through the bustling market of Asan Tole. Amid the crowds and teeming stalls are several temples and shrines including a tikka-ed stone fish coyly hiding in plain sight.
The fish is easily overlooked since the adjacent Ganesh and Annapurna temples garner more attention. However, according to at least one legend, the Asan Bazar owes its name to a fish that fell at the location of the shrine. The origin of the name Asan is shrouded in mystery, but some believe it derives from the Newari word ansaa meaning “ just there “ or “ nearby”.

These are the five very less known, underrated, and rarely visited by the people of Kathmandu and the visitors. These places are highly suggested to visit and gain the experience that even underrated places are also can be such beautiful attractions in Kathmandu.